The Pierre Fauchard Academy was originally incorporated in the state of Minnesota (residence of founder Elmer S. Best) in 1936 and reincorporated in Illinois in August 1995.  Itís Constitution and Bylaws specify that it should be a non-profit educational organization whose assets are protected.  Operation of the organization is vested in a Board of Trustees including the officers (elected annually for one-year terms) and (currently) ten Trustees who serve terms of four years.  The Trustees represent geographic areas of the United States and the rest of the world.  Subdivision is accomplished through individual state organizations and, in the case of foreign entities, sections in different countries under the guidance of regional Trustees.

The officers include the President, President-Elect, Vice-President, Secretary General, Immediate Past President, and the Editor, all of whom serve with the ten Trustees to form the Board of Trustees.

State Chairpersons or Section Chairs (outside the United States) are charged with the responsibility of overseeing their own areas, nominating new Fellows, arranging meeting functions and public relations.

The Pierre Fauchard Academy maintains 120 Sections in 11 Regions, Worldwide.  The United States has 55 Sections with 6,000 members and another 65Sections in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australiawith 2,000 members.  The Global membership is 8,000.


The India Section is managed by the Senate of PFA consisting of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, the Chief Editor, the Scientific Editor, Vice-Chairman (VC) 1, 2, 3, and 4 from North, South, West and East regions (with the 1st VC taking charge as Chairman at the end of the year, 2nd VC as 1st VC, 3rd VC as 2nd VC, 4th VC as 3rd VC, and a new 4th VC being appointed annually),one Joint Secretary (2017) and Four Assistant Secretaries(2017), representing each region.

The Vice-Chairmen and Assistant Secretaries are charged with the responsibility of overseeing their own areas, nominating new Fellows, arranging CDE meetings, functions and public relations. The Chief Editor is responsible for the publication of the Journal. The Secretary and Treasurer shall look after the Office and Accounts, assisted by an Assistant Secretary from 2013 which was changed as Joint Secretary from 2017.

The India Section has 866 Fellows in their rolls as of 2017 and 102 International Fellows.

The India Section is registered under the Societies Act at Vellore with Registration No: 39 / 89.